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Are your Wages being garnished?
When the IRS has been unable to collect
back taxes directly from an individual, they
have the authority to seize assets. Among
these assets are your wages. Up to 75% of
your wages, social security, and retirement
benefits can be seized to pay off IRS debt.
The results are often financially devastating
as well as humiliating. Suddenly, your
employer now becomes involved in what was
previously a personal matter between you and
the IRS. Contacting or discussing your situation with your
employer will not resolve the wage garnishment. Wage
Garnishments are reoccurring and remain in effect until your IRS
back taxes are paid in full, or a formal release is negotiated with
the IRS.
End Wage Garnishments NOW!
The first step in removing a wage garnishment is to acknowledge
that your tax debt will not go away and that you need to seek qualified,
professional assistance. Tax Settlements, Inc’s staff of professionally trained CPAs and former IRS agents is here for
you. We will stand between you and the IRS to help you resolve your tax debt, regain your wages, and quickly
remove the wage garnishment that is negatively impacting your life. After contacting us, we will immediately begin
working on your case and will diligently work on your behalf until your wages are released. Historically, we have
been able to secure a formal wage garnishment release before our client’s next paycheck!
Get the personalized assistance you need and deserve
Tax Settlements Inc. offers a FREE consultation and evaluation to review your tax debt relief options. During your
consultation, we will present several workable options to help resolve your tax debt, and assign you a personal tax
settlement professional. Your tax settlement professional will be your singular point of contact from start to finish.
They will work with you every step of the way to patiently bring your tax debt burden to a close.
At Tax Settlements, Inc. you won’t get the run around, your call won’t be transferred to various individuals. You will
always know the status of your case. You will always receive prompt and courteous service. Schedule your free
phone consultation with Tax Settlements, Inc. Free in-person consultations are also available in our Salt Lake City
Get the personalized tax settlement assistance you need and deserve.
We’re the tax settlement experts so you don’t have to be.
Contact us for your FREE consultation today!
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